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Inspiring play for inspiring minds

Super soft, scented and long lasting natural playdough that kids play with longer.

Your child wants to taste it! let them do ;)



Our Mission

Providing joyful children & family experiences that inspire learning, creativity, curiosity & calmness during the children’s early life stage. We do this through bringing elements of nature in

open-ended products & services.


What kind of products do you sell?

We provide ready-to-play natural playdough, and open-ended supplies that will facilitate hours of child-led play.


Is your dough taste-safe?

Our dough is made from all natural ingredients (Warning: Contains gluten - for allergic children). It is totally safe to taste, however, not recommended to be consumed due to high salt content.


How long does your dough last?

Our dough is best experienced fresh (within 1-2 months). However, once opened, our dough can last for 6 months if played with consistently, and stored well-sealed after playtime.