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Mini Playdough 4 Pack Copy
Mini playdough jar

Product Details

Spark your little ones imagination and curiosity with this Inspired By Littles dough jar!

A jar filled with a generous 125g of Inspired By Littles dough.

Color options for this jar:

1- Red

2- Blue

3- Yellow

4- Green

5- Turquoise

6- Purple

7- Watermelon

8- Fuchsia

9- Brown

10- White

11- Orange

Here's why Inspired By Littles dough is not the typical playdough:

  • 100% food grade ingredients (Non-toxic)

  • Perfectly soft and stretchy for little hands

  • Deliciously scented and colored to provide a wonderful sensory learning experience

  • Lasts for 3-6 months if cared for properly

  • Rehydratable, just add water if it dries out!

  • When the dough runs out, the containers can be used to store beads and other small things, it can also be reused for playdough (Check our 500g playdough)


  • Even though our playdough is taste-safe, we do suggest keeping it for play only and not eating! :)

  • It is made to play with directly, It should NOT be stored for long time.

  • It contains white flour (gluten)

  • After opening, store well-sealed in the refrigerator to optimize shelf life.

Inspired By Littles dough is handcrafted, that's why colors may slightly vary in each jar. It may slightly differ from photos too.

Mini playdough jar
EGP 100
Glitter (NOT taste-safe) options