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Mixough Pack
Mixough 3-Pack (360g)

Product Details

Spark you littles ones imagination and curiosity with this Inspired By Littles Mixough jar!

If you’re having a child who loves to mix playdough colors, the Mixough jar contains 2 or 3 carefully chosen colors to help your child get a good bright color when they mix their playdough instead of this brownish mixture ;)

A jar filled with a generous 120g of 2 or 3 colors of Inspired By Littles dough.

Colors in this 3-pack

1- Yellow & orange

2- Turquoise, white & green

3- Fuchsia & turquoise

4- Yellow & turquoise

5- Yellow & fuchsia

6- Orange & fuchsia

Here's why Inspired By Littles dough is not the typical playdough:

  • 100% food grade ingredients (Non-toxic)

  • Perfectly soft and stretchy for little hands

  • Deliciously scented and colored to provide a wonderful sensory learning experience

  • Lasts for 3-6 months if cared for properly

  • Rehydratable, just add water if it dries out!

  • When the dough runs out, the containers can be used to store beads and other small things, it can also be reused for playdough (Check our 500g playdough jar)


  • Even though our playdough is taste-safe, we do suggest keeping it for play only and not eating! :)

  • It is made to play with directly, It should NOT be stored for long time.

  • It contains white flour (gluten)

  • After opening, store well-sealed in the refrigerator to optimize shelf life.

  • Inspired By Littles dough is handcrafted, that's why colors may slightly vary in each jar. It may slightly differ from photos too.

      Mixough 3-Pack (360g)
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